Auto Electrical

Auto Electrical Services

At Belmont Auto Electrics we provide auto electrical repairs and fitment of aftermarket and genuine parts for all makes and models of vehicles. Engine computer scanning for engine light warnings, air bag, ABS and other electronic and electrical components failures. General wiring on cars, trailers, caravans, campervans, small trucks and buses.

Starter Motor

Car Starter Motor

Starter Motors

A starter motor is an electric motor needed to turn over the engine to start it. At Belmont Auto Electrics we can test your starter motor in our out of your vehicle. We test the performance of the starter, diagnose and offer repair and fitment options, as well as advice on using recondition, genuine or aftermarket replacement parts.

So if you have  a failing starter motor you will have the following symptoms;

  1. When you turn the key to crank the engine, nothing happens.
  2. A loud click everytime you turn the key.
  3. Turn the key to crank the engine and the engine turns over slowly and then stops.


Car Alternator

12V car Alternator

Has a red battery warning light appeared on your dash  panel ? If so you need to get your alternator and charging system checked. Late model vehicles electronics, place a huge strain on your vehicle’s charging system. Old or new Belmont Auto Electrics can rebuild or supply aftermarket alternators for your vehicle.

Electric Brake Systems

Australian Design Rules state that all trailers over 750kgs GTM,  must have an effective brake system fitted. All electric brake systems must be operable from the driver’s seat of the tow vehicle.
The minimum braking system required for a trailer or caravan depends on its type and weight, as well as the weight of the tow vehicle.

Electric Brake Controller

Brake Controller

At Belmont Auto Electrics we only use and recommend the following brands;

Dual Batteries and Battery Isolators

Dual or auxiliary batteries are used to power lights, TV’s, Laptops, DVD’s, pumps, fridges, microwaves, winches and charge camera and mobile phones batteries.We use supercharge batteries and redarc battery isolators for the fit-out;

Redarc Isolator

Redarc Isolator

Whats needed for your dual battery system;

  • Auxiliary Battery (large capacity)
  • Battery Isolator Switch (redarc)
  • Wiring and fuses
  • Anderson Plugs

Other Services

Engine Computer Scanning
Air Bag Servicing
Air Conditioning
Thermo Fans
Fuel Pumps
Spark Plugs
Coils and Coil packs
High Tension leads
Reversing Cameras
Dash Cluster repairs
LED Lights
Trailer plugs

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