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A car battery is a simple energy storage device. Your car uses the energy stored in the battery to operate all electronic devices such as starter motor, ignition, fuel system, (including fuel pumps and injectors) lights, computers, power windows.

The main things to consider when you choosing a battery for your car, CCA ( Cold Cranking Amps Heavy duty or Standard) to make sure it fits  properly in your vehicle, battery terminals are in the correct position, durable and comes with a descent warranty.

You can leave all that up to us @ Belmont Auto Electrics as we have you covered when it comes to your cars batteries.

SuperCharge automotive batteries are engineered with a cutting edge technology. Reliable assurance of its superior performance and convenience. Supercharge offer a wide range of Maintenance Free and Low-maintenance automotive batteries.

silver supercharge battery

Supercharge Silver

Supercharge SILVER PLUS
Consistently high starting power and reserve capacity for normal everyday use. Offers widest range of batteries for Japanese, American & European makes and models.

For normal everyday use. Popular automotive, 4wd, Truck, Farm and Industrial.

Full 30-months* warranty. Calcium expanded plates, superior grid strength against corrosion and overcharging. EXG Technology. Maintenance-Free, “No need to add water”.

gold supercharge

Supercharge Gold

Supercharge GOLD PLUS

Superior starting power and reserve capacity for high performance vehicles. Offers widest range of batteries for Japanese, American & European makes and models.

For heavy duty vehicle use.
Popular automotive, 4wd, Truck, Farm and Industrial.

Full 40-months* warranty. Fully sealed cover design, minimizes water electrolyte evaporation or leakage. EXG Grids for superior strength against corrosion and overcharging, with added SNT for enhanced Life & Power.

sea master

Sea Master Marine

SeaMaster GOLD

Maintenance-Free marine battery with superior starting power and reserve capacity.

For heavy duty marine use.

Full 24 Months* Warranty. Premium, extra heavy duty. Fully sealed cover design that minimizes water/electrolyte evaporation or leakage. Calcium expanded plates for superior grid strength against corrosion and overcharging. EXG Technology. Maintenance-F

Motobatt Batteriesmotobatt logo

moto batteries

MottoBatt range

Most motorcycles are vastly underdone in the battery department
with a low amp hour battery expected to start a performance engine. This is mainly to save weight and find somewhere in the bike to put it. Motobatt has improved on conventional design by packing as much lead into our batteries as possible. Quality lead and quality plates,  the more lead you have, the
more available power you have. Many low-cost batteries are only cheaper for one reason: they have less lead and more filler in them. These types of batteries will leave you stranded!!

Battery Testing (Carbon Pile Testing)

The carbon pile, tester applies a DC load of short duration to a starter battery, simulating cranking. The voltage drop and recovery time provide a rough indication of battery health.

The test works well and offers evidence that power is present. A major advantage is the ability to detect batteries that have failed due to a shorted cell..Capacity estimation, however, is not possible, and a battery that has a low state-of-charge appears as weak.

An Auto Electrician, can detect a faulty battery based on the voltage signature and loading behavior. To do a CCA pass/fail test, we need to load your battery fully charged to the carbon pile load tester and use half the rated CCA value for 15 seconds. To pass, the voltage must stay above 9.6V at 10º C @ 21c.

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